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Whether selling a new property or refinancing an existing property, our staff understands buying and selling a property can be stressful. Our experience and knowledge will provide you with a smooth transition into your new property or assist you with your refinance.

We will be in contact with you through every step of the closing process. Be sure to review the following steps and ask questions if you are unfamiliar with any part of the process.

At Estates Title Agency, we will:

  • Review title commitment information
  • Coordinate clearing of title problems
  • Order pay-off information for existing liens
  • Prepare settlement statement showing disposition of all funds
  • Prepare closing documents
  • Receive and review lender's closing instructions and documents
  • Schedule closing, informing all parties of date, time, and place
  • Conduct the closing of the new mortgage transaction for the lender (if applicable)
  • Conduct the closing with both buyers and sellers if the transaction is cash, assumption, or contract for deed transaction
  • Disburse all funds including funds in escrow subsequent to closing
  • Assure all applicable documents are recorded with county records office


Let our title agents answer your questions. We prepare all aspects of buyer/seller transactions and offer convenient online ordering.

At Estates Title Agency, we have an array of products for realtors. Our title agents will consult with you on each step of the closing process and be available to answer all your questions. All aspects of a purchase/seller transaction are prepared and reviewed within our office.

For realtors we can:

  • Schedule a buyer/seller closing at your convenience
  • Handle property disputes
  • Provide 48 hour closings when ordering online
  • Obtain necessary documents to clear title


At Estates Title Agency, we will handle all the closing details for your customer. We want to ensure your closing is timely and accurate.

We are committed to providing you with quick and accurate order fulfilment through professional customer service and prompt follow up. We can successfully execute any real estate transaction.

At Estates Title Agency, we will accommodate your closing at any time. Your satisfaction is our goal!


With the ever-changing commercial market, Estates Title Agency can offer 1031 exchange closings and supprt services with a dedicated account executive.

In addition, we are happy to help market for you and your prospects through the assistance of Clayton Agree of the Commercial Division.

His specialities include:

  • Financing and acquisition
  • Loan document processing
  • Review by on-site attorney
  • Examining and underwriting
  • Notary closing services


When you purchase a property, you're given the deed to your property and receive full legal ownership of that property. At Estates Title Agency, it's our job to see that your investment is secure.

Title insurance can save you money, time and stress from legal issues pertaining to your purchase. Sometimes there may be mistakes in a prior deed, or mortgage and that may cause a problem. Having title insurance safeguards the ownership of your property, your most significant investment. At Estates Title Agency, we guarantee against disputes.

Title insurance services will protect you against :

  • Liens on your property
  • Mistakes on title and examining records
  • Errors on deeds, mortgages and public records
  • Unpaid taxes

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